GBP Broadband Service

5 reasons to choose the GBP Broadband Internet Service:

1. Resilience

We have two separate links to the internet with automatic failover should a fault occur.

2. Unlimited Downloads

GBP broadband is not capped, so you can use the service as much or as little as you want with no change to your monthly charges.

3. Speedy Service

As our service does not use the normal ADSL system, your connection is only limited by the service you choose, not by your location.

4. Fast downloads AND uploads

Unlike standard internet connections, the GBP service offers high upload as well as download bandwidth. You use upload bandwidth when:

  • Sending emails
  • Hosting websites and other services
  • Accessing the office remotely


5. Fully Supported

Our service is supported and maintained by ION Systems, located at Venture West on Greenham Business Park. This allows them to provide a fast and efficient support service for all aspects of your Internet connection.

Available Services

Services start from £30 per month (ex VAT) plus a £30 set up fee.  If you require a bespoke service please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Contact us about broadband



Phone Number


Greenham Business Park Ltd

01635 817444


ION Systems

01635 88 88 00

Lead time

Typically we install on a next day basis, depending on your location within the park.

Q. Can I change service levels once connected?

A. Yes you can. Simply call the sales number above to discuss your requirements.

Q. Do you provide Email and Web Hosting with this service?

A. This is available. Please contact sales on the number above for more information.

Q. Can I use the old router from my previous internet connection?

A. ADSL (BT style) routers cannot be used with this service. Cable routers (used on the NTL/Virgin service) may be compatible. Should you require a router, ION Systems can provide one - please call them to discuss your requirements.

Q. Can you provide assistance with the setup of my router or PCs?

A. ION Systems can provide this assistance at a charge of £95 (+VAT) per hour. It typically takes less than one hour to complete most configurations.


For more details please contact our Estates Management team

Tel:01635 817444 or E: enquiries@greenham-business-park<

Alternatively contact Ion Systems Tel:01635 88 88 00 or visit<

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