The Bunker Ultra secure hosting and data centre at Greenham Business Park

The Bunker, Greenham Business ParkOne of our occupiers operates The Bunker - a secure data centre which can facilitate the toughest and most demanding requirements.

The Bunker offers market leading solutions for power, space, security, support, flexibility and scalability with a high level of availability, resilience and redundancy built into its data centres by their very design. The facility is N+1 and offers carrier independent co-location.

With The Bunker your systems will be kept Ultra Secure and out-of-town within the UK's most secure data centre environment.

The Bunker's Newbury data centre is an ex US Air Force base situated on Greenham Business Park, built as a nuclear command and control centre possessing a high level of physical security. A purpose-built fortress - The Bunker guards your systems and data from every potential threat that could compromise the availability of your business critical applications.

Bunker onsite security includes:

  • Steel reinforced blast proof walls
  • Solid steel doors
  • CCTV
  • Military electro magnetic pulse protection
  • Tempest' RFI intrusion protection
  • Sophisticated access controls

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